Why “Strawberry Onions”??

By: Erin Parke Watson

The number one question we get asked…. ALL THE TIME….Why are they called Strawberry Onions? 


  • There is no mysterious strawberry lurking in the middle of the onion
  • It does NOT taste like a strawberry

Strawberry onions are from the variety of Savannah Sweet onions. They are a mild, sweet onion. Strawberry farmers grow them along the outside rows of the strawberry beds for multiple reasons.

  • Real estate. No, not the kind where you buy a house. Instead of dedicating an entire field to only onions, you can get the same amount by planting them on the same rows as the strawberries.
  • Companion plants. Strawberries and onions when planted together are called companion planting. By putting 2 plants together, they make use of different nutrients, deter pests, and even attract pollinators to that location.
  • To keep the elephants out of the field. I know you are asking yourself, “WHAT???”. But have you ever seen an elephant in the field?? Must be working!!!

Our strawberry onions are grown seasonally, during the same time as our strawberries here in Plant City, Florida (Nov-March). They can get bigger than the size of your hand!!! And the ENTIRE thing can be used! They can even be left out to dry, which will make them last longer.

They are great for salads, soups, sandwiches, and some even eat them raw with a little salt and pepper!

So, the next time you drive by a strawberry farm and see the strawberry onions along the rows, look out for the elephants. You never know, you might catch one on the outskirts of the field!

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