We’ve got PEAS!

Black-eyed peas, the southern special soul food pea, or Conk/Conch peas, for those who like them a little sweeter and creamier. Whatever your pleasure, Parkesdale Farms has your peas.

Parkesdale Pea Field

Most people have only heard of black-eyed peas because they eat them every New Year’s Day for a year of “prosperity”. Or maybe, “I Gotta Feeling,” you jammed out to Black Eyed Peas a time or 2, and were just wondering where they got their name.

If you still haven’t tried these delicious little peas, I’d recommend you come give them a try.

My favorite way to eat them, besides when Mama cooks them, is as a fresh salad, salsa or dip.

A quick and easy recipe by TheAnthonyKitchen.Com can be found at https://www.theanthonykitchen.com/black-eyed-pea-salad/

You can freshen this recipe up with Parkesdale Farms black-eyed peas, some avocado, tomatoes, onions, and other goodies from the Parkesdale Market http://www.parkesdale.com, and finish it off with some fresh feta or goat cheese.

So come and get your peas before they are gone. You can order them today by calling Parkesdale Farms at 813-659-2429, we will add you to a list and call you as soon as they are ready from the field.

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