From Ireland to Plant City….How Parkesdale Farms Began

By Erin Parke Watson In 1925, the Parke family embarked on an adventure to America from Northern Ireland. Their destination….Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Shortly after their arrival, Bob (Roy’s father) got a job as a landscaper for the wealthy, while Mary Margaret raised the 3 boys: Roy, Jack, and David. They lived a simple life: work, theContinue reading “From Ireland to Plant City….How Parkesdale Farms Began”

The “Off Season”

By Erin Parke Watson Parkesdale Farms is known throughout the world for their delicious strawberries. Florida is the 3rd largest producer of strawberries in the world, but the LARGEST producer during the winter months (Oct – March).  Did you ever wonder why we don’t grow them year-round? Have you ever been to Florida during theContinue reading “The “Off Season””

Why “Strawberry Onions”??

By: Erin Parke Watson The number one question we get asked…. ALL THE TIME….Why are they called Strawberry Onions?  Myths: There is no mysterious strawberry lurking in the middle of the onion It does NOT taste like a strawberry Strawberry onions are from the variety of Savannah Sweet onions. They are a mild, sweet onion.Continue reading “Why “Strawberry Onions”??”

COOL – Country of Origin Labeling

By Erin Parke Watson So… I’m going to bring up a touchy subject.  One that is personal to me and I think should be addressed. The USDA has this thing called Country of Origin Labeling (COOL). It is a labeling law that requires retailers, such as full-line grocery stores, supermarkets and club warehouse stores, toContinue reading “COOL – Country of Origin Labeling”

The History and Mission:

Introduction: Parkesdale Farms, Inc. was started in 1957 in Dover, Florida by Robert Elmore Parke, Sr., and Robert Elmore “Roy” Parke, Jr. The father and son duo moved from Northern Ireland during the “Potato Famine” as vegetable farmers through Ellis Island  in the early 1920’s, planting roots in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Willow Tree Farm was theContinue reading “The History and Mission:”


      By Erin Parke Watson 15 April 2020 Uncertainty? Anxiety? Fear?  COVID-19 is a pretty scary virus, we all know this because we either have loved ones dealing with it on the front lines (we THANK YOU SO MUCH for your sacrifice and service), have experienced it ourselves (and we pray on the mend), or weContinue reading “FROM OUR FARM TO YOUR TABLE – COVID-19 and FOOD SAFETY”

What’s Growing?

Parkesdale Farms has been most well known for their delicious strawberries harvested from late November to early April, however, every Spring and Fall there’s another crop that keeps Parkesdale’s farmers working long hours to get food on your table….Pickles. You read that right, pickles! I know, I know, I’ve heard it over and over again,Continue reading “What’s Growing?”