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“Our mission at Parkesdale Farms is to grow, harvest, and ship the freshest fruits and vegetables to a family and table near you.”

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We’ve got PEAS!

Black-eyed peas, the southern special soul food pea, or Conk/Conch peas, for those who like them a little sweeter and creamier. Whatever your pleasure, Parkesdale Farms has your peas. Most people have only heard of black-eyed peas because they eat them every New Year’s Day for a year of “prosperity”. Or maybe, “I Gotta Feeling,”Continue reading “We’ve got PEAS!”

From Ireland to Plant City….How Parkesdale Farms Began

By Erin Parke Watson In 1925, the Parke family embarked on an adventure to America from Northern Ireland. Their destination….Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Shortly after their arrival, Bob (Roy’s father) got a job as a landscaper for the wealthy, while Mary Margaret raised the 3 boys: Roy, Jack, and David. They lived a simple life: work, theContinue reading “From Ireland to Plant City….How Parkesdale Farms Began”

The “Off Season”

By Erin Parke Watson Parkesdale Farms is known throughout the world for their delicious strawberries. Florida is the 3rd largest producer of strawberries in the world, but the LARGEST producer during the winter months (Oct – March).  Did you ever wonder why we don’t grow them year-round? Have you ever been to Florida during theContinue reading “The “Off Season””

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